Frequently asked questions

Zapkey is a platform that aggregates and standardize publicly available property registration data primarliy for residential properties. We believe this would empower Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, Developers and Financial Institutions to make faster, more informed, and secure decisions.
The registration data is publicly available information that is sourced from revenue authorities of the respective states.
Registration data is property buy, sell or rent agreements that are registered with revenue authorities upon payment of appropriate registration fees and stamp duties.
Yes. Please see Section 57 of the (Indian) Registrations Act, 1908
We have mostly covered property registration data from the year 2013 onwards. We have recently started extending this to 2010 and it will take some time to update this for all projects. However in case you have special requests, we can prioritize those projects.
We source this data projectwise and have covered 5,000+ projects as of now. Hence we do not cover every project/property. We would love to do so and hopefully with time we will have that coverage. We are also happy to prioritise the projects/properties you are interested in.
We have mentioned the area type wherever we find that it is mentioned in registration document. However, in case it is not mentioned, we leave it blank and as a user you can download the agreement to see the exact area type.
This is the amount exchanged between the buyer and seller OR lessor and lessee OR lender and borrower and registered by them. It is always best to see multiple transactions to get a sense of the prevailing market pricing
Simple formula of Amount divided by area
A property registration document does show the names of the parties but we do not see value in showing the party names. This also shows our commitment to respect the privacy of the parties. We show party names for institutional use cases (banks, housing finance companies etc)
No. Agreements are procured on a request basis on additional payment only. We can procure sale and rent agreements and provided they are registered.
Certified copy can also be arranged but this we do only for institutional clients only. According to Section 57 of The Registration Act, 1908 the certified copy of document received from the office of Sub Registrar is acceptable as evidence for proving the contents mentioned in that original document.
We may not have covered the project. You should look at comparable projects in that locality. Also you can leave a request for us to cover the project and we will be happy to cover it.
The data shown is as procured from the registration data available with revenue authorities. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the data displayed on the site. We would recommend the user to do his/her own due diligence as well. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for reference.
If you are concerned that any piece of information is inaccurate, we have provided a feature 'Flag Inaccurate' through which you can highlight the inaccuracy. Pointing us towards any piece of incorrect data will help us further refine our systems and ensure you get the most accurate information in the future.
Data updation is an on-going process. We have our own priority list of projects but if you need to add any specific project(s) or if you feel that data for project(s) is updated, you may request for that and your request will supersede our list.
Currently data from Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida and Bangalore are available on the platform.
Getting the data from revenue authorities is cumbersome and consumes a lot of time even for a single project. We have made data from large number of projects availble on your finger tips in more simplified and easy to understand way. In order to maintain and update more and more data, we have designed very unique and affordable packages to suit your individual needs and preferences.
Agreement requests can be raised only for rent and sale transactions. On receipt of successful payment, we will upload the agreement in 2-3 working days. We will also mail the copy of agreement on your registered email. In case we can't find the agreement, we will reverse the transaction in 3-4 working days. Kindly note that the time taken and availability of agreements is subject to holidays and changes in applicable laws.
The agreement can be downloaded from transaction detail view OR from My Account -> My Agreement Section. Please note that the agreement will be available for download only for certain number of days. The validity can be viewed at My Account -> My Order section
Users will be eligible for refunds only for 'Request Agreement' feature in case we are unable to provide you the agreement in 2-3 days. Please note there are no refunds for packages to view transactions.