About Zapkey

Zapkey provides India’s 1st Home Sale Guarantee Platform . Founded in 2020, Zapkey aims to delight its customers with a unique and transparent experience that helps them sell and buy homes in the best way. Zapkey is owned by Zapkey Technologies Private Limited. Registered address of the company is HD-022, WeWork Chromium, JVLR, Near L&T Junction, Milind Nagar, Powai, Mumbai - 400076.

Zapkey Offers

Zapkey Offers guarantee the sale of a property within 3 months or less. Zapkey uses authentic and reliable data to evaluate carefully selected properties and provide the sellers with an offer price. Once the sellers accept this offer, an MoU is shared and signed, and a token amount is given to the sellers. The Zapkey Offer guarantees to sell the listed property within 1-3 months and if the sale isn’t achieved, Zapkey buys the property at the offered price. This provides the sellers certainty of time and value.

Mission Statement

Zapkey’s mission is to create Trust, Transparency and a delightful Experience in the real estate market. By providing a 3-month guarantee to sell a property, Zapkey helps the sellers make their decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

Company Vision

Zapkey’s vision is to become the one-stop online real estate solution that aims to bring liquidity to the difficult resale home market by providing the best home selling experience to its customers.

Data Partner

Zapkey’s data partner Propstack is India's leading real estate data, analytics, and workflow solutions platform. Propstack conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the largest and most comprehensive database of real estate information. They are also the largest private repository of registered sale, lease, and mortgage information in India. Zapkey uses data derived in partnership with Propstack to help sellers make an informed decision.


Zapkey is supported by marquee investors helping them build India's 1st Home Sale Guarantee Platform.