Homes you will love to buy. Choose from the best resale homes

Brokers are the heart of

real estate business.

Make your Seller and Buyer home sale easy !

Get Sole Mandate from your seller with Zapkey

Give your sellers a

Home Sale Guarantee !


Price Surety

Sale at a pre-negotiated price.


Time Surety

Sell within 3 months


Security deposit

Zapkey will release a security deposit to the seller of up to 1% 

to show our commitment to sell the home!


You get 50%, we get 50% - On Sale, assured 50% split brokerage commission.

Homes you will love to buy. Choose from the best resale homes

Increase Income and Rewards

Seller Side Brokers
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Secure Exclusive Sole Mandate

Give your seller Price Assurance and 3-Month Sale Guarantee for their Apartment. To demonstrate your commitment to sell, Zapkey will give them a Security Deposit Token!

Unlock Advance Brokerage

If your seller signs the contract with Zapkey, get part of the commission in advance even before you conduct a site visit.

Assured Brokerage on Successful Sale

Our contract assures payment of brokerage from the seller on successful sale. Get surety of your brokerage commission.

Without Zapkey
Seller with multiple brokers!

No Seller Exclusivity with you and hence you have.

No Advance brokerage

No Advance brokerage, to help you begin your efforts to sell the apartment.

No Brokerage Surety

Scope for negotiation after the deal is done.

Buyer Side Brokers
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1000's of verified supply in 1 click

Reduce time in checking and arranging apartments with multiple brokers to show your buyer! Check our Broker Partner app!

10 min instant visit with smart lock

Instant 10 min site visits with no coordination and smart lock in 1 click on the Broker partner App on multiple apartments

50% brokerage on buyer token

Receive up to 50% advance brokerage from Zapkey on buyer token and rest on deal completion when Zapkey. Plus, get comprehensive back office, legal, documentation and registration support while focusing on your next deal.

Golden opportunity for First-Time Deals with Zapkey

Earn Gold Coins as a Special Reward!

Without Zapkey
Tedious coordination to get just 1 site visit

Hassle of calling multiple brokers and checking numerous websites to look for available properties.

Call to arrange keys for site visits

Call brokers to ensure keys arrive on time to enable site visits with buyers.

Resale deals can take up to 90 days

Get the entire brokerage only after the full payment, registration and society paperwork which can take up to 90 days. Handle multiple deals with no support. You will be unable to completely focus on closing new deals!

No exclusive offers

No additional incentives available.

Hear from our partners

Shashank Jhalani shares his experience as a Zapkey Broker Partner

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Homes you will love to buy. Choose from the best resale homes

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